Komik Game Animasi Garuda Riders iOS appstore di Jepang

Komik Game Animasi Garuda Riders iOS appstore di Jepang

Join Naradja in an epic fantasy adventure of “Garuda Riders” to find eight God’s elements (Hastabrata) and enjoy this interactive graphical comic on your iOS devices.

“Garuda Riders” is a graphic novel adapted from the trilogy “The Adventure of Wanara,” which is specially designed for iOS devices. “Garuda Riders” will bring you the experience of Naradja’s adventure in the fantasy world one millennium after the epic Ramayana battle.

Naradja and his fellow Garuda Riders must hunt down 8 God’s elements (Hastabrata) to prevent the resurrection of Prabu Rahwana in the future. Will Naradja be able to collect all these elements from the hand of mythical creatures of Varadwipa world?

The story starts with Katunara and the Balasena Raksasaghna organization chasing Bimata and his family. Bimata is a former member of Balasena Raksasaghna, but decided to betray it because of his love for a pure Asura-race woman, Dewi Locita. Now they are married and has twin, Putra Durta and Putri Anindya. How’s their destiny after being the most wanted fugitive of Balasena Raksasaghna? Download the app from appstore and follow the epic saga of the year.

App features:
– High quality artwork in full color
– Epic orchestra Music combined with traditional ethnic music
– Stunning animation and special effects

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