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Indonesian Digital Comic Game Wanara’s Second Episode.

Remember the Indonesian folklore-themed app that we looked at a while back? Called the Adventure of Wanara: Garuda Riders, it combines gaming and a comic book series and was released back in November. Now the second episode, Garuda Riders Vol 2: The Chosen One, is now out on Android and it promises even more fun this time.

The Garuda Riders series is built jointly by Indonesian digital art studio Mechanimotion Entertainment and game developer Elven Games. We talked with the game studio’s CEO Mahdi Basroni Rizal about what the latest episode has to offer better and why it’s not a free app this time.

Acting as a sequel, The Chosen One tells the story of protagonist teenager Naradja who aspires to become a bonafide garuda rider. Though his father forbade him to be one because it risked the family’s well-being, the teen Naradja spontaneously runs after a garuda on the loose. This is where Naradja’s new adventure begins. I love that the story is rich with Indonesian characteristics like the Balinese traditional music put inside. It’s about time local developers start promoting Indonesia’s cool heritage and folktales in this way.

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